I’ve always been a whore for celebrities, how I love them and wish I could have been an actor in the movies or on a cult TV show—would have been so much fun! Here are a few of the actors (and musicians) I was lucky enough to meet AND get a photo with. Jennifer Jason Leigh, you’re next!

Tori Amos has been my favorite musician since 1992 and it's unbelievable that I got to meet her. She's kind and generous with all her fans and a tour de force in concert.

As a 15 year old gay boy, Expose was my all time favorite girl group. 25 years later, Jeanette, Ann and Gioia are still rocking out!

Elizabeth Berkley played Nomi Malone in Showgirls--my all time favorite movie. Meeting Elizabeth was a dream come true and she was the nicest, sweetest celebrity I ever met.

Aaron Paul played Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad--I love his voice, could listen to him read a phone book. Yo, yo, yo!

Chloe Sevigny played Nicolette Grant on Big Love--look how happy I am, fucking ridiculous!

Sheryl Lee played Laura Palmer and Maddy Ferguson on Twin Peaks--my all time favorite TV show. I drove all the way home with the biggest smile, smelling of Sheryl's floral perfume.



3 Responses to Pictures

  1. Larry says:

    OMG – Laura Palmer! (and Chloe & Aaron are pretty awesome too!) I was just telling my boyfriend on the ride home that we should watch Twin Peaks again.

    Nice to meet you this weekend, i got the Kindle version of your book today – I’ll start reading it soon.


  2. Melissa says:

    I fucking love it, babe. Congratulations on the website. Now you just need to update your blog more often! xoxo

  3. Richard Sparkleboner says:

    I enjoyed your performance last night in Greatest Story. However, I noticed that you had a black-and-blue mark on your left hip. Did that animal Ryan Dominguez do that to you?

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