Works in Progress

I’ve been reading some short stories lately and have been inspired to write one myself. I have a couple ideas whirling around in my head, so hopefully they’ll wind up in an anthology somewhere, sometime soon.

After that, I’d like to turn my screenplay, Good, Clean, Fun, into a novel. It took second place in the 2010 Writer’s Digest competition, which I was really shocked and excited about.

As for a third book in my “licious” series… I jokingly tell myself if I were ever to write another one that I would call it, Wolfalicious, but I might have to take a break from Joey and Walt for awhile.


***I’m a pretty slow (and lazy) writer so not sure when any of the above will be completed, but hopefully one day!

3 Responses to WIPs

  1. Terry says:

    Have not seen you around – are you still in PS? Write more!

    • Tim says:

      Hey Terry, I moved to FL a couple months ago—not sure if or when I’ll be back. Have a few short stories coming out but that’s it—haven’t felt inspired to write much. hope all is well 🙂

  2. Hi Tim,
    You are a very unique, beautiful soul. You are S. Florida’s loss. I hope you are enjoying life back in California.

    Best regards,

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